The full-featured analytics software that comes with the Technoanalitdevice equipment the company’s own development.


The software features a variety of options available for customizing which allows users to tune it for specific tasks. We develop software that is simple and reliable. Another benefit is that the results are visualized on screen.


Purposes of software development. 


We develop special purpose software for:


 - processing spectrometric data;

- сontrolling and managing technological processes in production facilities;

- solving tasks that involve innovative methods of nuclear physics analysis and other analytical tasks.


О нас

ООО "Техноаналитприбор" - научно-производственная компания, специализирующаяся на внедрении и сопровождении оборудования для определения элементного состава руды на потоке для горнообогатительных предприятий.