On-stream X-ray spectrum ANALYZER ARP-2C

Analyzer ARP-2C allows to determine the mass fractions of chemical elements from sulfur (S) to uranium (U) in ores and slurries, both solid and liquid on stream in real time.
In ARP-2C analyzer the source X-rays is an X-ray tube which  is a low-energy source (up to 150 KV).

X-ray tubes  have several advantages in comparison to  radionuclides: 
  • higher sensitivity of devices (varied radiant fluxes, adjustable beam energy);
  • simpler process of  equipment licencing;  
  • possibility to control the radiation - the tube can be turned off.
Technical characteristics: 

Small dimensions and light weight, dust-and moisture-proof design make it possible for the device to be installed directly at the control point in the most suitable place.

The analyzer can be used in the temperature range from -30 to +50 C. The device is highly reliable because the signal is transmitted from the probe to the power supply cabinet digitally. 
Operational characteristics: 

Простая конструкция крепления, а также малые габаритные размеры и масса анализатора АРП-2Ц позволяют оперативно устанавливать и перемещать прибор в поисках наиболее оптимального для технологического процесса обогатительной фабрики места анализа.

Margin of Error.

The margin of error is comparable to the margin of error in laboratory conditions if the requirements for the installation and calibration of the equipment are complied with 
The ARP-2C probe includes x-ray protection system for ensuring the safety of service personnel. 
Power supply cabinet.

The power supply cabinet supplies voltage for the analyzer and houses software and hardware servicing devices.

Control computer.

The specialized secure software is installed on the control computer. It provides the work of the analyzer and collects, processes and stores information about the  measurement results.

The software works only as a part of the ARP-2C analyzer and only with the special electronic key to prevent unauthorized access. 

The secure software is own development of LLC Technoanalitdevice

The control computer automatically records the results of measurements and calculations. This information is transmitted to the the factory for managing the process in real time. It is also possible to see the results of analysis on any date of measurement.

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